Customized Facial

60-75 mins
$125 & up

The Elite Customized Facial effectively targets everything from wrinkles, lack of elasticity, uneven complexions to hormonal breakouts. This customized skin treatment is tailored especially for you in order to help you achieve the skin you dream of. Elite Aesthetics uses the most cutting-edge technologies combined with years of expert skincare training in order to obtain the most dramatic results. This is the most popular “maintenance” treatment, preformed every 4-6 weeks for optimal skin health. Save 10% on your facial series & an additional 10% on products when you purchase a package of 4 or more.



Acne Facial

60-75 mins
$125 & up

This coveted Acne Facial includes: expert skin analysis, extractions, oxygenating therapy to diminish breakouts, customized exfoliation to stimulate collagen & brighten dull complexions. High frequency & a soothing face roller massage will end the treatment to reduce inflammation, diminish bacteria and soothe actinic lesions. The Acne Facial provides you with an immediate glow, a more clear & retexturized skin. You will be sent home with a customized “game plan” to help you achieve more clear skin. Best results are seen in a series of 6-8 of these treatments. Save 10% on your series and an additional 10% on products when purchasing a package.

*We recommend adding Celluma LED Light Therapy for amplified results!


Customized Peel

60-75 mins
$140 - $250

Elite Aesthetics has received advanced training in chemical exfoliation, allowing us to customize a peel (or series of peels) to safely achieve maximum results. All peels are formulated with plant-derived stem cell technology, peptide chains, potent antioxidants & healing minerals. Elite Customized Peels are designed to stimulate the exfoliation of epidermal skin cells, promoting collagen & elastin synthesis. All peels are paraben & sulfate free, combining the best of science & nature in order to deliver skin rejuvenation on a cellular level. Results you will notice: reduction in pigmentation (due to sun damage, age spots and acne), a reduction in fine lines/wrinkles & a reduction in acne breakouts. After a peel or series of peels you will have a more clear, bright, smooth & younger looking skin. Save 10% on your series and an additional 10% on products when purchasing a package of 4 or more.


Elite Microdermabrasion Facial

60-75 mins

Crystal free Diamondtome microdermabrasion sweeps away dead skin cells, reducing visible signs of aging, sun damage & acne scarring. Microdermabrasion is a versatile treatment that is gentle enough for sensitive skin types & can be customized for a more aggressive treatment. Elite Aesthetics customizes our microdermabrasion facials according to skin condition, type & goals. This facial treatment often includes a mild enzyme or peel to achieve the ultimate in smooth, silky, brighter skin. Save 10% on your series and an additional 10% on products when purchasing a package.


Collagen Induction Therapy/Microneedling

60 min


Microneedling is an innovative procedure that treats issues like wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, lax skin, stretch marks & cellulite. Microneedling is safe & gentle & is quickly becoming one of the most sought after treatments in aesthetics today. Elite Aesthetics uses AnteAge stem cell factors with cytokines (ethically derived stem cell factor derived from human bone marrow) to increase treatment results. Microneedling increases the production of collagen & elastin which thickens & plumps the skin. The result is improved skin firmness, reduction in pigmentation, scarring, cellulite, improved skin tone & texture. Treatment results are best seen after 3-6 treatments. After desired results are obtained, maintenance treatments are preformed every 6 months to 1 year. Buy 3, get 1 FREE ($300 value).


Nano Infusion Facial

60 mins

The Nano Infusion Facial includes a comprehensive facial that is customized for each individual patient according to skin goals, concerns & skin condition. Nano therapy is used to infuse select active ingredients into the epidermis in order to lighten, hydrate, brighten & tighten skin. This is a gentle, non-invasive therapy & is safe for even the most sensitive of skin types. A popular addition to our nano-infusion treatment is our coveted AnteAge Stem Cell Factor serum. High doses of cytokines and platelets provide a boosted, results driven treatment that will leave you glowing for days. Save 10% on your series and an additional 10% on products when purchasing a package.

Brow Wax Shape & Clean Up

Add to any facial.

15 min